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Neurology and Trauma 2nd Edition

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ISBN: 9780195170320
Condición: Nuevo producto
Especialidades: trauma

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Edicion: 2
Año: 2006
Paginas: 824
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Praise for the first edition

"This book is an excellent review of the neurology of trauma. It addresses neurologists, neurosurgeons, and emergency physicians. There are comprehensive sections on head trauma, spinal trauma, plexus and peripheral-nerve injuries, posttraumatic pain syndromes, enivornmental trauma, posttraumatic sequelae, and medicolegal aspects."--The New England Journal of Medicine

"Editorial discipline has achieved a remarkably consistent and readable style. The publication of this book has been carefully conceived and well executed."--Archives of Neurology

"This is the best available book on the neurological complications of trauma. The multiauthored monograph has been masterfully edited by R.W. Evans."--European Neurology

"Neurology and Trauma is an enjoyable, encyclopedic compendium of basic and clinically relevant information on neurologic trauma and will be an important addition to the library of every medical professional interested in this topic."--JAMA

Praise for second edition:

"This book reaches far beyond the traditional topics and delves into subjects rarely addressed in neurotrauma textbooks...The author has masterfully edited a comprehensive text on the neurologic implications of trauma."--Journal of Neuro-Ophthalmology

"Overall this book is an excellent resource for those invovled in patient care after neurological injury. It provides a valuable reference for those dealing with difficult complications of severe to mild injury."--Acta Neurochirurgica

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