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Spine 2: Instructional Course Lectures

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ISBN: 9780892036936
Editorial: AAOS
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Edicion: 1
Año: 2010
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Use this inclusive collection to gain an up-to-date reflection and forward-looking perspective of common spinal disorders, treatments, and recent developments. These practical and clinically relevant lectures on spine topics are selected from several past AAOS Annual Meetings. They cover the contemporary ideology, diagnosis, and treatment of a full array of spinal injuries and disorders all in one book! Sections include in-depth and informative introductions from leading spine surgeons that summarize and relate these lectures to your daily clinical practice.

Instructional Course Lectures Spine 2 is a powerful resource and a convenient gateway to current operative and nonoperative treatment expertise. Published cooperatively with the North American Spine Society, this book is a must buy for anyone who treats spinal injuries and disorders.

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