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Cancer and Pregnancy

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ISBN: 9783540712725
Editorial: Springer
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Especialidades: oncología

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Año: 2007
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e European School of Oncology is delighted to ber of female former cancer patients expected to see that the faculty of its course on cancer and have a successful pregnancy. pregnancy has succeeded—and in a remarkably Another group of individuals that deserves short time—in producing this greatly stimulat - our attention are women who have survived a ing book. childhood cancer and who should be managed Very few human and clinical situations en - by a multidisciplinary specialist team. Fort- compass such opposite extremes as pregnancy nately, many studies are underway and we hope and cancer, hope and fear, sometimes life and to soon have new insights into this extraord- death. narily complex issue. Any health professional who has been con- Te European School of Oncology is grateful fronted with this issue knows how difcult it is to Dr. A. Surbone for her successful coordin -a from the clinical viewpoint but also how chal- tion of our teaching course and for having taken lenging it is on the emotional side. the initiative to publish this book. We hope that In recent years the success of cancer medicine it will contribute to helping many children have has increased the number of survivors and the their mother cured of her cancer and be able to length of their survival, thus increasing the num- love them forever.

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