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Textbook of stereotactic and functional neurosurgery 2° ed. 2 tomos

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Autor: Andres Lozano
ISBN: 9783540699590
Editorial: Springer
Condición: Nuevo producto
Especialidades: neurocirugía simposio internacional de neurocirugía

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Edicion: 1
Año: 2009
Paginas: 3287
Empaste: Duro
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The Textbook of Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery will become a reference text in Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery. The authors have been selected based on their international recognition and academic excellence in the field. It covers stereotactic principles as well as functional stereotaxis. Amongst the stereotactic principles are discussions of frame-based and frameless systems of stereotaxis, image guidance stereotaxis, atlases and the technical aspects of radiosurgery. Within functional neurosurgery, disorders covered include the diagnosis and management of pain, epilepsy, movement disorders and the rediscovered field of surgery for psychiatric disorders. The book ends with a look into the future of technological advances. Videos on DVD or online show the surgical procedures step by step.
Written for:
Neurosurgeons, surgeons and neurologists at all level of experience
Movement Disorders
Parkinson's Disease
Psychiatric Disorders
Stereotactic Procedures
Table of contents
History of Functional Neurosurgery.- Imaging - Basic Principles.- Radiosurgery.- Movement Disorders.- Cancer Pain.- Treatment of Persistent Non-Cancer Pain.- Epilepsy: Evaluation of Epilepsy.- Epilepsy: Management of Epilepsy.- Surgery for Psychiatric Disorders.- Future.- Index.

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