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NEJM Clinical Practice

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ISBN: 9780071471619
Editorial: Mc Graw
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Especialidades: medicina interna

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Edicion: 1
Año: 2006
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New England Journal of Medicine: Clinical Practice is a compendium of the Journal’s highly regarded case discussions on clinical management. Featuring unparalleled, peer-reviewed content published in the NEJM’s Clinical Practice series, this incredible resource is filled with 26 challenging, skill-building cases from both ambulatory and hospital practice.

Each Case starts with a thought-provoking patient vignette, and the discussion then leads you through:

• The Clinical Problem (What characteristics define the at-risk population? How prevalent is the condition?)
• Current Medical Evidence for the patient assessment and possible therapeutic strategies (What are the data to support particular diagnostic approaches and therapeutic modalities?)
• Areas of Clinical Uncertainty/Controversy (What are the major gaps in our clinical knowledge?)
• Practice Guidelines (What are the current recommendations of the major specialty organizations?)
• Conclusions and Management Recommendations (What do the authors propose for the management of each case?)

Featuring more than 100 full-color illustrations, tables, and algorithms, New England Journal of Medicine: Clinical Practice covers a range of medical practice—from dermatology and gastroenterology, to allergy and women’s health.

Turn to any chapter, and this incomparable case-by-case guide reads as if a master clinician was personally guiding the you, taking you through the best approach to a complex medical disorder.

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