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Police Firearms Instruction: Problems and Practices

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ISBN: 9781420065060
Editorial: CRC Press
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Año: 2008
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Provides a comprehensive discussion of common training methods currently in use
Contains over 150 photographs to enhance learning
Examines reality-based training and the use of simulation
Reviews key concerns in advanced firearms training
Discusses how to determine the proper firearm for individual officers
Covers pertinent officer issues, including use-of-force investigations
Despite the importance of proper firearm handling and usage in law enforcement, few resources are currently available to update firearm instructors on proper teaching methods. Budget restraints and many other challenges now require that instructors be as resourceful as they are knowledgeable when teaching firearm use and safety.

With more than 150 photographs to help define and resolve training issues, Police Firearms Instruction: Problems and Practices provides succinct, yet comprehensive guidance in all aspects of firearms training. Employing a hands-on approach with an emphasis on safety, retired sheriff’s deputy Richard Grassi teaches instructors how to properly equip and prepare officers both mentally and physically for the use of a firearm and the consequences.

Using a direct, conversational style, Mr. Grassi employs helpful anecdotes and war stories to demonstrate how to convey important ideas to trainees. He reviews such teaching fundamentals as how to communicate with a class, and how to handle challenging students. With examples from the field, he discusses safety issues and qualification controversies, and explains the value of simulations and repetitive skills practice. He also examines ways to match individual officers with the correct firearm.

Teaches instructors how to explain preparation, tactical issues, and safe handling, as well as post-incident protocol

Cognizant of the limited funding available for firearm training, Mr. Grassi explores ways for agencies to maximize training on a small budget. Additional coverage includes an insightful profile of the “fighting mind” and other officer issues, such as use-of-force investigations and dealing with the loss of a colleague.

Every law enforcement agency, firearms instructor, and instructor trainee should have this manual on hand to ensure that officers are well-equipped with the tactical firearms knowledge necessary to serve the public and protect themselves.

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