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Perinatal Programming

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ISBN: 9781842142943
Editorial: CRC Press
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Especialidades: ginecología y obstetricia

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Edicion: 1
Año: 2005
Paginas: 332
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Pulls together the widely scattered research in this field
Includes contributions from an international panel, some of whom are in the first line of research
Takes an interdisciplinary approach
Perinatal factors are critical in the 'programming' of behavioral, endocrine and immunologic outcomes of adult life. Exposure to many factors in utero can drive fetal development along specific trajectories. Perinatal factors can also affect many diverse systems that have significant implications for long-term health outcomes. The findings from basic research are so diverse and suggest implications in many different arenas. Bringing together these findings, this book explores the evidence linking the role of early life events to long-term physical and psychological health outcomes. It pulls the research together and communicates the findings to the wider scientific and clinical communities.

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