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Perioperative Diagnostic and Interventional Ultrasound with DVD

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ISBN: 9781416033561
Editorial: SAUNDERS
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Edicion: 1
Año: 2007
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Empaste: Rustica
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his reference equips you to perform a full range of diagnostic and interventional procedures using ultrasound technology. Written by experts in ultrasonography, it follows an evidence-based-medicine approach, exploring the latest ultrasound applications for regional anesthesia and pain relief procedures, as well as diagnostic and critical care medicine. A companion DVD shows you how to perform the techniques discussed in the text.

Presents the unparalleled, practice-proven experience of top authorities in ultrasound.
Equips you to perform ultrasound-guided arterial cannulation, central venous access, and difficult peripheral venous access · general ultrasound in the ICU and trauma setting, TEE, and transcranial Doppler · ultrasound-guided nerve blocks and procedures for chronic pain · and more.
Features a consistent chapter format, with sections entitled "Sonoatomy" · "How to do it?" · and "Evidence and Literature," to make the information you need easy to find.
A bonus DVD featuring nearly 100 video clips demonstrates how to perform the procedures described in the text.

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