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Basic And Bedside Electrocardiography

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Información General

Autor: Romulo F. Baltazar
ISBN: 9780781788045
Editorial: Lippincott
Condición: Nuevo producto
Especialidades: cardiología

Ficha Tecnica

Año: 2008
Paginas: 464
Empaste: Rustica
Peso: 2.0KG


Basic and Bedside Electrocardiography is the first book to integrate the basics of ECG interpretation with the most recent clinical guidelines for treating patients with ECG abnormalities. Each concise, bulleted chapter discusses a disease state, gives many tracings as examples, provides clear illustrations of pathophysiology, and offers guidelines for diagnosis and treatment of specific entities.

More than 600 illustrations aid readers in recognizing commonly encountered ECG abnormalities. Diagrammatic illustrations at the end of most chapters summarize the different ECG abnormalities discussed, to help readers recognize the different arrhythmias more easily. An appendix provides quick-reference information on commonly used intravenous agents.

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