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Critical Pathways in Cardiology

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ISBN: 9780781726214
Editorial: Lippincott
Condición: Nuevo producto
Especialidades: cardiología

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Edicion: 1
Año: 2001
Paginas: 272
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Synopsis: Critical pathways answer the need for delivering cost-effective medical care while maintaining the quality of patient care. This volume focuses on critical pathways in cardiology. The book begins with an overview of how to implement the pathways, their goals, rationale, and shortcomings. Most of the text is devoted to practical information including numerous tables, checklists, algorithms, and examples of pathways, making this volume quick and easy to use for cardiologists, internists, and other healthcare professionals involved in cardiac patient care. Clinical trials are also discussed to provide the evidence-based reasoning for the pathways. This is a Brandon-Hill recommended title.

Review: Doody's Book Review Service, Andre C. Olivier, MD, RRT, Ochsner Clinic Foundation -- "This is a compilation of best practices, order sets, and critical pathways in cardiovascular medicine from hospitals across the United States...The purpose is to present a concise and standardized approach to the cardiovascular patient incorporating the most recent clinical guidelines in an attempt to improve clinical outcomes and reduce costs and hospital length of stay... "This book uses flow charts, graphs, tables, and preprinted order sets as a guideline to the management of the cardiovascular patient in an attempt to standardize care in a cost-effective, evidence-based format. Chapters include current recommendations along with the level of supporting evidence and results of pertinent clinical trials... "Given the surprising underutilization of beta blockers and/or ACE inhibitors in ACS patients, this book underscores the need for a basic, standardized approach to the cardiovascular patient. Although 'cookbook' in nature, this book provides reviews of the current literature, outcome expectations, and best practices from institutions that we would not otherwise be privy to, as a catalyst for personal practice improvement."--Doody's Book Review Service (Weighted Numerical Score: 91, 4 Stars)

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