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Spanish PALS DVD Set

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Información General

Autor: AHA
ISBN: 9781616692759
Editorial: AHA
Condición: Nuevo producto
Especialidades: aha

Ficha Tecnica

Edicion: 2010
Año: 2012
Empaste: DVD
Peso: 1.0KG


The PALS DVD set is to be used by PALS Instructors to teach the PALS Course, PALS Update Course and to conduct skills practice and testing sessions for HeartCode® PALS. Following are the specifications for this DVD: Two-disc set: Disc one = full PALS Course Disc two = PALS Update Course and HeartCode PALS Run times are as follows: Full course =103 minutes Update course = 69 minutes HeartCode PALS = 30 minutes

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